Downtown church

I went walking at lunchtime yesterday and passed St. George orthodox church, which happened to be open at the time. It’s a beautiful building, very ornate with stunning stained glass windows. I felt like I was back at catholic church. I don’t know much about the orthodox church, but from what I’ve seen, they seem pretty similar in dogma.
I only walked in and looked for a
bit, as I needed to run to the bank. There were some homeless people hanging around, which I thought was odd, but then again, it’s a church and they have a homeless ministry, so it made sense.
If it’s open every lunchtime, I may stop for a longer visit and see what kind of feel it has. I am drawn to theology, from an educational point of view. Religion, in all its many facets, has always fascinated me. The rules, regulations, histories, myths, and urban legends that go along with religions are fascinating to me. What I could do with that degree, I’m not sure, but it would be fun to study.



Gray, overcast, and breezy

I really shouldn’t complain, and I’m not really, I just wish it would actually rain instead of just being cloudy. My garden could really use the free water.
I’ve got some cabbage that’s coming up along with some beets. I am extremely excited about it, as my radishes are pitiful and I got nowhere with bell peppers this year. I am hoping for a better crop of veggies before it gets too hot to garden and the beds go dormant for the summer.
Odd isn’t it? No garden in the summer here, just in the winter.


Radish from earlier this year.

FLORIDA weather


You’ll hear me whine about this alot, but I suffer through our summers to have winters like this.