Monday morning

For the past couple weeks I have been up early to take the dogs to our neighborhood park to let them run and play a bit before I go to work. Nevermind that they have the run of the house and backyard while I am gone, but this gives them new smells and stuff different to do.
Well, this morning was so nice and cool and breezy, and the puppies were sleepy on the bed, and we were all so comfy, I decided to rest in bed with them.


Have a restful day.


Tibetan prayer flags

Tibetan prayer flags

Nate saw these prayer flags some time ago and now can’t get enough of them. I have no complaints as I like them and think it adds a lot of color to the house. I’m not so sure some of my neighbors care for them though, but I really don’t give a damn.

(some of my neighbors are quite uptight if you don’t follow the same rules and live the same way they do. nosy busy-bodies)

You sure can’t miss our house. I like it. I’m hoping it keeps away the bad spirits, and nosy busy-bodies.

sending some prayers from the flags your way…