Quote of the day

“There is no one correct way to the Divine. We are all on the same path, just different directions and paces.”

I am the quote queen at my day job; I write funny, quirky, silly, thoughtful, and sometimes downright stupid sayings on the fridge marker board. This one I made up just before the Christmas holiday and left it up for almost 2 weeks before I erased it. Being a religious holiday, I thought it important for everyone to see it.

(we have several different religions all working together under the same roof)

Since taking yoga, and working with my boss, I have learned a lot about other religions and realized that there really is no one religion that is correct, or right, or better than the other one.

Maybe if more people realized that, all this fighting would stop. It’s ridiculous really.


I like this one. I feel like shaking the tree of life and seeing what it brings down. I’ve felt a little antsy lately, a little restless, a little slumpy grumpy, and not sure why. A little disheveled, a little bored, a little dissatisfied. I need a good tree shaking to wake me up and fix me up and get me going. Maybe it is the time of year for that kind of thing; a time to shake things up, wake things up, fix things up and start anew. That’s what the new year is for, right?

Shake it up! just don’t hurt yourself falling out of the tree, ok?